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Black Hill Primary School - 'Straight from the Earth' Garden

Black Hill Primary School - 'Straight from the Earth' Garden

Winners of a Yates & Life Education Australia’s Growing Good Garden Grant 2018!

Project Detail

Black Hill Primary School, VIC


The students at Black Hill Primary School brought to life 'Straight from the Earth' Garden program to revamp their vegetable gardens, orchards and sensory gardens.

They were thrilled to win the grant and put the funds towards refreshing their green space and investing in composting materials and a worm farm. It’s a brilliant way to educate the students on healthy eating, recycling food waste through the compost bins, worm farms and their natural fertiliser and so much more.

The next step of the revamp is to start creating two new scarecrows to feature in the main garden. A metal pole, chicken wire and other structural materials have been purchased to make the basic structure.

The kids have been collecting large wooden spoons and painting them so they can be used in the garden to label plants so they can be easily identified.

The harvest planted from Yates seeds is going strong and the plan is to use the vegetables and herbs in the canteen and show the students what they’ve grown can be nutritious!

We have loved seeing their progress and so proud of their work.

Glossodia Public School - Getting Grubby

Glossodia Public School - Getting Grubby