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Edible Garden

Most children like to have a productive garden but it is essential that the fruits and vegetables they grow are varieties they are likely to eat. For example, radishes give satisfyingly fast results, but very few children enjoy eating them.

How to grow Strawberries

Strawberries are a reliable and rewarding crop to grow at home. Sweet red fruits are produced on neat compact plants which grow happily in raised garden beds, in the garden, in pots or even hanging baskets. The foliage is attractive too, making strawberries a pretty choice to use as a border plant or along a pathway and they happily spill over low walls.

Home Grown Crunch & Sip

Many schools have a designated time during the day where kids eat a fruit or vegie snack. Sometimes called ‘Crunch & Sip’ or ‘Munch & Crunch’, it’s a fantastic opportunity to include more fresh food in kids’ diets. To encourage this healthy habit, kids can help create their very own fruit & vegie snack garden at home and then proudly take the harvest to school to eat.