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Fundraise with Seeds - Yates Raise A Patch

The best fundraising ideas are often the simplest. When it comes to raising money for your school, local netball team or favourite charity, it's important to remember that people love joining in and having fun. Whether it's your kinder parents or work colleagues, think about what they may like to do and you will discover many great ideas for fundraising drives that will encourage them to dig deep. Here is a fun and healthy idea to try

How to grow Alfalfa

Decorate several pots with different faces using markers, stick-on eyes and pipe cleaners for arms. Measure out a small handful of alfalfa seeds and lightly scatter them over the surface. Don’t sow too many as dense growth can lead to the stems rotting.

Tips for growing from seeds

Seeds come in lots of shapes and sizes, from tiny, dust-like specks to big coconuts.

Seeds need three things to come to life: water, air and the right temperature.  It’s best not to try and sow seeds when it’s very hot or very cold. You can find options to grow indoors and outdoors. We're here to help.