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Tips for growing from seeds

Tips for growing from seeds

Seeds come in lots of shapes and sizes, from tiny, dust-like specks to big coconuts. 

Many of the most popular seeds are found in seed packets.  These have good information on the back. Check first to see what time of year the seed should be sown. Then look to see if the seeds should be started off in a pot or go straight into the garden.

How to grow from seeds

The packet will also tell you how deeply to plant the seeds and how long it should take them to come up.  Small seeds usually go right near (or on) the surface.  Larger seeds can be planted more deeply (but not too deep).

Seeds need three things to come to life: water, air and the right temperature.  It’s best not to try and sow seeds when it’s very hot or very cold.  In late winter you can try sowing some seeds indoors so that the plants are ready to go outside when the weather’s warmer (this can work well with tomatoes).

Seed raising mix is a special potting mix that’s designed for starting seeds.  You can use it in a pot or put it into the garden bed where you are going to sow seeds.

Steps for sowing seeds:

  1. Prepare the garden bed or fill a pot with seed raising mix.
  2. Water well and allow to drain.
  3. Check the packet for seed sowing time and depth.
  4. Sow seeds and water again gently.
  5. Keep in a spot that’s not too hot or cold.
  6. Water again when the top of the soil or mix is dry.
  7. As soon as seedlings appear, begin feeding with Yates Thrive Plant Food at half normal strength.
  8. Separate, and move crowded seedlings when they’re big enough to handle.

Remember to always:

  • Wash your hands well after gardening.
  • Wear shoes to protect your feet.
  • Wear a hat and sunscreen.
  • And have fun! It's an adventure full of self discovery to see what you can grow. 
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