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How to grow Strawberries

Strawberries are a reliable and rewarding crop to grow at home. Sweet red fruits are produced on neat compact plants which grow happily in raised garden beds, in the garden, in pots or even hanging baskets. The foliage is attractive too, making strawberries a pretty choice to use as a border plant or along a pathway and they happily spill over low walls.

10 Best plants to grow with Kids

For most of us at Yates we've been gardening with our kids since they were 2 years old. From our experience the more hands on they are in the garden and picking their own plants or seed packets to grow from, reaps the best rewards. However, in saying this not all plants are as easy to grow and it doesn’t hurt to try to send them in the right direction. 

How to grow Alfalfa

Decorate several pots with different faces using markers, stick-on eyes and pipe cleaners for arms. Measure out a small handful of alfalfa seeds and lightly scatter them over the surface. Don’t sow too many as dense growth can lead to the stems rotting.

Home Grown Crunch & Sip

Many schools have a designated time during the day where kids eat a fruit or vegie snack. Sometimes called ‘Crunch & Sip’ or ‘Munch & Crunch’, it’s a fantastic opportunity to include more fresh food in kids’ diets. To encourage this healthy habit, kids can help create their very own fruit & vegie snack garden at home and then proudly take the harvest to school to eat.

How to Grow Radishes

Radishes are fast, but healthy food! They grow really quickly and can be ready to pick in just 4 to 8 weeks. Their colourful, round, red balls are crisp and crunchy and ideal for slicing thinly into salads or making into fun edible critters. Give them a ‘grow’!

How to grow Sunflowers

How much we loved to watch something that starts at the size of a finger nail grow into something as tall as a giant and as bright as the sun.

Sunflowers are an easy fun flower to grow, especially for kids. They can grow huge with the tallest sunflower on record achieving over 8 metres. They can vary in colour, not only are they yellow they can be orange and even red.

How to grow Carrots

Carrots are a fun vegie for you or the kids to grow because when the time comes to harvest, it’s like pulling up buried treasure! There are so many different varieties to choose from, including baby, purple, yellow and even round carrots! They can be used in so many ways – eaten crunchy and fresh on their own or mixed into yummy salads or baked until they are tender and delicious.

Tips for growing from seeds

Seeds come in lots of shapes and sizes, from tiny, dust-like specks to big coconuts.

Seeds need three things to come to life: water, air and the right temperature.  It’s best not to try and sow seeds when it’s very hot or very cold. You can find options to grow indoors and outdoors. We're here to help.

How to Grow Beans

Beans are so easy to grow from seed.  They like warmth, so should be sown in spring and summer. Bean seeds are quite large, which makes them easy to handle. Break open a bean seed and you’ll see it’s made up of two halves joined together.  These halves provide food for the young plants as they grow.