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Announcement - Australia's Next Top Gardener is...

Announcement - Australia's Next Top Gardener is...

“Getting kids in the garden has proven positive effects on their health and wellbeing.”
— Angie Thomas

Thirteen year old Jai Cooper from NSW was recently awarded the title of Australia’s Next Top Gardener from a nationwide call out by Yates. Judged by a team of Horticulturalists, the accolade will see Jai share a family holiday to the Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show in 2019.

“It was clear that Jai’s passion for gardening is infectious. He regularly shares his knowledge with others by being involved in his local community garden,” said Angie Thomas, Horticulture Consultant to Yates.

To help inspire his peers beyond his local garden, Jai has shared his top tips:

  • Pollinate your seeds: If your plants start to go to seed you might feel like pulling them out. Try not to do this. Let them flower so that the bees can take their pollen. After the bees have pollinated your seeds, you can collect them for replantation. In my own garden I use fennel. So far, I have collected around 75 seeds from fennel and have replanted them into my garden.

  • Avoid weed stimulation: No one likes weeds so make sure you do everything you can to avoid these garden pests! By using a watering can instead of a hose you can avoid encouraging weed growth because you’re watering the plant instead of the soil around it.

  • Don’t overcrowd your garden: Overcrowding is a problem you don’t want to have in your garden. Not only does this make your garden look messy it is also bad for plants. Make sure when you are planting that you space your plants with room to grow, they may grow too spindly or leggy otherwise.

  • Be water wise: Summer is almost here and sometimes that’s a really hard time to garden and look after plants in the heat. Make sure you water your garden when the weather cools down in the morning or afternoon - otherwise plants could wilt and die. Watering in the coolest part of the day also means your plants have the best possible chance to absorb the water and stay healthy.

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